19 de febrer 2014

Una cançó... Flirt The Wind de Nick Roach

De casualitat l'he trobada per internet, la seva melodia, les seves veus, tot em transporta a un estat de pau, calma i tranquil·litat.

Your green skirt flirts the wind as I follow you
Through crowds of gray a thousand voices play

Begin umbrella beats but I still follow you
Through the pouring rain hopscotch where puddles drain

Give only careful peeks because if you notice me
You just might look away the thought makes me afraid

As we roam, your shadow becomes my home
Where I’m alone And I hold,
these dreams that are all that I own
All that I know

Footsteps forgot and lost where I am wandering
Fade in and out the world around me

Swift wind, forget my skin where I am wandering
A thousand little sounds are drowned when you’re around me

I’m scared to step too close because that would make you real
This dream could drift away the thought makes me afraid

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XeXu ha dit...

Bé, felicitats mare! Ara he vist que em comentaves que ja ha arribat, i encara busques moments per la tranquil·litat, i per publicar. Endavant amb l'aventura!

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